Mike C.
Tewksbury Memorial High School, ‘09

Sullivan Tutoring is unique in that they have an individualized aspect to their teaching method that can be found nowhere else. The tutors quickly realize how students learn best and use this method to effectively teach. My scores increased steadily and I ended up with a final score of 2190. I would highly recommend Sullivan Tutoring to anyone about to take the SAT.

Sharman S.
North Reading, MA

When I think about Sullivan Tutoring, six words immediately come to mind:

  • Support: Scott Sullivan and his associates constantly remind the students of their strengths and freely praise their efforts. Their encouraging and positive words help the children believe that they can master the test.
  • Comfort: The calm, relaxed environment of the center appeals to the students. After a long school day, they are always warmly greeted, offered a drink, and then they review their work in a pressure-free environment.
  • Personalization: The students receive individual attention during every session, and the work they do reflects their individual needs. Working one-on-one with a tutor, they are able to ask questions to better understand their errors and learn from them. Rather than sit in a classroom of 20 students listening to one teacher give general instructions for several hours at a time, students focus on their own specific lessons for an hour and a half.
  • Flexibility: Test preparation sessions are scheduled at the student’s convenience. Sullivan Tutoring takes the stress out of adding tutoring sessions and the associated homework to the already hectic schedule of a high school student. Sessions can be scheduled any day and at any time, as often or as infrequently as time permits.
  • Enthusiasm: All of my children have commented, “Scott loves his job!” Scott and his associates are enthusiastic, committed professionals who truly want to help the children do their best.
  • Results: Sullivan Tutoring gets results! My children’s standardized test scores increased significantly. Their verbal scores increased an average of 100 points and their math increased an average of 130 points.

As the parent of three college students who have all attended Sullivan Tutoring to prepare for the SAT, I highly recommend the program. My three children have varied interests, skills and natural aptitude and the tutors recognized that in preparing each one for the standardized tests. While the ultimate goal was to raise their test scores, they gained much more than that: They gained confidence, awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, and the motivation to work hard to achieve their potential. At the tutoring sessions, my children learned test-taking strategies, including the “tricks” of the tests, short cuts to problem solving and time management skills. All of my children felt very comfortable at the center.

Bill D.
Bedford, MA

As a parent and former Admissions Representative for West Point, I highly recommend Scott Sullivan and Kathryn Marquis to everyone I speak with about improving SAT scores. Scott worked successfully with each of my three sons and helped each of them achieve important college and career goals during their junior and senior years of high school.  My oldest son improved his SAT Math scores by 110 points while working with Scott.  That improvement was the key to his winning very early appointments to both West Point and the Air Force Academy. My twin sons each worked with both Scott and Kathryn, who helped each of them improve their Math, Reading and Writing total scores by 230 and 200 points respectively. That improvement was the key to each of them winning a four-year, full tuition ROTC scholarship in the first round of the Army’s national Selection Board competition. They will be able to use those scholarships at the college of their choice. Again, they will have great choices -- thanks to the invaluable SAT tutoring with Scott and Kathryn. Their tutoring approach is personalized, efficient, wonderfully motivating, highly effective, and has made each of my sons self-confident about achieving their testing goals. Tutoring with Scott and Kathryn was an outstanding investment in so many ways for my sons.

Kelsey K.
Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School, ‘09

Sullivan Tutoring gave me the confidence I needed to succeed on the SAT. Ten sessions of practice and a one-on-one tutoring environment really made the difference for me. On the day of the test, I was confident and prepared to do my very best. My scores increased 350 points from my PSAT to my SAT. I couldn’t have received my scores without the help of Scott Sullivan and his associates. Thank you!

Dottie A.
Lynnfield, MA

My son found Sullivan Tutoring when he was a junior at St. John’s Prep in June, 2000. By the fall of his senior year, my son gained the confidence to expect 800s on his test, which he achieved on his SAT II Math and SAT I Verbal. He went on to graduate from MIT with a BS in mechanical engineering.

My daughter followed her brother to Sullivan Tutoring a few years later in 2002. She wasn’t very comfortable with standardized tests so she wanted to gain that comfort level before she took her SAT. Scott Sullivan and his associates taught her how to prepare for the SAT very calmly and methodically. She graduated from Harvard with a BS in biomedical engineering.

My youngest daughter went to Sullivan Tutoring for SSAT prep first, then for SAT prep a few years later. By the end of ten private tutoring sessions, she had the confidence to take the test and secure three 800s on her various SATs. She went on to study engineering at Princeton.

I learned from my children and from Sullivan Tutoring that the only reason for any student to take SAT prep classes is for their own good. Each of my children enrolled with Sullivan at different periods of their development, but they all put the time in to prepare for the sessions and take responsibility for their scores. And of course, they all liked Junior the loving Golden Retriever.

I highly recommend Sullivan Tutoring to any student who wants to work with caring, dedicated professionals who want to help students do their best and who know how to bring out the best in everyone.

Annalise E.
Manchester-Essex Regional High School, ‘09

Sullivan Tutoring humanized the testing process, not only by presenting the information in a manner that was easy to understand, but also by giving me the confidence that I was prepared to succeed. Thanks to their personalized approach, my total score increased by 390 points, from 1770 to 2160, substantially broadening my college options.

Molly P.
Boston College '10

I was a student at Sullivan Tutoring for almost two years during my sophomore and junior years of high school -- and my experience was nothing but fabulous throughout. I had mostly wanted help with math section of the SAT and I expected to learn a few time management skills that could come in handy during the test; however, with the amazing one-on-one tutoring at Sullivan Tutoring, I raised my score 120 points on the math section alone. The environment at Sullivan Tutoring is energetic and friendly; Scott successfully manages to work personally with each student in a completely stress-free way. I literally saw my scores increase week to week. With my new scores, I was accepted to Boston College, where I am now a junior. I wholeheartedly believe that I owe a lot of where I am today to Scott and the Sullivan Tutoring team.

Christine N.
Marblehead, MA

Sullivan Tutoring offers the "perfect SAT prep" package for the busy student. Unlike other programs that teach a generic prep course, Sullivan Tutoring customizes each lesson to the subjects that will help your child. When my daughter went to Sullivan Tutoring, she was already a strong math student. Therefore, Scott Sullivan taught her how to solve problems more quickly, what shortcuts to take and what test-taking strategies would work best for her.

I also love the flexibility that Sullivan Tutoring offers. We were never "locked in" to a specific day and time, and they were more than willing to work around sports schedules, play practices, social lives, etc. In addition, the staff at Sullivan has a way of building the student's self-esteem and confidence, which is very important when preparing for standardized testing. By the time the test date arrives, Sullivan students are well prepared and confident. Sullivan Tutoring offers the best of all worlds when it comes to SAT prep.

Chris B.
Marblehead High School '09

Sullivan Tutoring was absolutely an essential part of my SAT success. When I first started studying for the test, I was very anxious about the math section. Math had always been my Achilles Heal, and a 530 math score on my PSAT only served to reinforce that weakness. But Scott Sullivan's calm, collected demeanor -- along with his vast knowledge of the test -- instilled in me the confidence I needed to perform my best. His ability to instruct and support, while displaying remarkable warmth in a personal setting, immediately doused the flames of my anxiety. As a result of Scott's tutoring, my math score increased by 160 points. Thanks for everything!